The Wushu Ruyi story is tied to the story of two Italian brothers: Walter and Paolo Lorini.
Two renowned champions, martial arts masters who turned the queen of the Asian disciplines into their source of absolute dedication: Wushu.

Wushu Shoes - An Italian Story - Wushu Ru-Yi

It’s 1968: the Lorini brothers are very young and are enrolled by their father as members of one of the earliest martial arts gyms in Milan.
They start playing Karate and they become main protagonists of it very soon: Paolo racked up five wins in the Italian championship. Those victories were the prelude of a fundamental discovery: they took their next step on the path of a thousands-year old art that in Italy was still unknown.
It’s 1978: Walter and Paolo are the first Italians who migrate to Wushu and focus on the practice of this discipline.

They took part in the Italian National team from 1982 to 1987.

That year Walter wins the European Champion title in Barcelona, then he became the first Italian athlete awarded a gold metal of Taiji.

Walter is the first Italian Shaolin monk (32nd generation).

Wushu Shoes - An Italian Story - Wushu Ru-Yi

In 1985 Walter and Paolo created the first shoes specific for this sport: that’s how the “Wushu” were born.

Wushu Shoes - An Italian Story - Wushu Ru-Yi

Authentic and unmistakable, only the “Wushu” sneakers are characterized by the RU YI: a very ancient Oriental symbol that is told by the historic knowledge to be the amulet belonging to the emperors of Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911), while the spiritual wisdom says it had a very rich meaning. The RU YI, actually, is the instrument used to fulfill the desires of the heart.